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NOTE: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS STORY SPOILERS. I’ve noticed that there isn’t much videos about how to get a lot of money as John Marston. So, I decided to find a way on how to start with a lot of money as John Marston. A lot of people (including myself) are having trouble doing the gold duplication glitch in Limpany as John Marston. For some reason, it would only work playing as Arthur. I’ve come to realize that it may be because of the paper that was there in the box with the gold that played a part in the glitch in the beginning. The easiest way that I’ve found to get a lot of money starting as John, is to do the gold duplication glitch as Arthur, then keep the gold(not selling it) and keeping it in your satchel. Then when you play through the final Chapter 6 mission, you’ll switch to playing as John Marston. In my experience, I noticed playing through the story as John, all of the valuables that were in Arthur’s satchel, was still in John’s satchel. I then realized that valuables and other items(varies) in the satchel are transferred from Arthur to John, so you don’t have to worry too much about those. After finding out that valuables transfer, I decided to restart and do another play through of the Final Chapter 6 story mission BUT with 30 gold bars(that I duplicated as Arthur). And it worked to transfer to John and then sell for $15,000. I recommend that you upgrade your satchel as Arthur so that you can carry more than 30 gold bars and then you’ll have more than $15,000 after you sell them.

Video Rating: 6/10!

This video will show you the exact location of 25 free treasure maps in Red Dead Online. These spawn locations have the potential to make you extremely rich in Red Dead Redemption 2 (online) with stacks of cash and stacks of gold bars, travel through all 25 locations in my easily mapped route or switch lobbies at one location to try and find as many maps as you like! As far as I know characters can hold 30 different location treasure maps in their satchel (more in post office / lock boxes) so once you have close to that amount I recommend using some maps to make collecting more quicker. Good luck everyone on your treasure hunts, I’m sure with this videos guidance your quests will be rather lucrative šŸ™‚
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