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Red Dead Redemption 2 Easy Early Gold Free $2000 Not a Glitch Get some red dead 2 easy money in 2 different locations you will get a total of 4 free gold bars.

Video Rating: 10/10!

This exploit / glitch gives you infinite money in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). $15,000 in 10 Minutes!
Working on PS4 & Xbox One with Patch 1.02.
IMPORTANT: This only works if you have not yet bought the “Special Horse Stimulant Pamphlet” from a Fence!
Step 1: Go to the location in the video – “Limpany”, a burned-down village just a tiny bit north-west of Flatneck Station.
Step 2: Make some Manual Saves (Pause Menu, Story, Save Game). This is just so you can return to a save file without the exploit. Also turn off Autosaves to make this easier (Pause Menu, Settings, General, Autosave Off).
Step 3: Open the lockbox in the burned-down Sheriff building (don’t loot anything from it). There MUST be a gold bar and letter inside. If you don’t see the letter it’s because you already bought the horse stimulant pamphlet, then this exploit won’t work for you.
Step 4: Look at the gold so it shows the words “Gold Bar” in bottom right corner. It’s easier in first-person view. While looking at the gold bar, Save the game, Exit the Game via the Menu, and in Title Screen click Resume Story. Pause Menu – Story – Save Game – Click Back – Story – Exit – Title Screen – Story.
Step 5: You will spawn somewhere nearby. Return to the box. The letter should be gone now. There is now infinite gold bars in the box. Pick up as many as you can carry (30 maximum, each is worth $500 = $15,000 total).
Step 6: Sell the 30 gold bars at a Fence for $15,000. For example, at Emerald Ranch (the nearest one).
You can repeat Steps 3-6 as often as you like. $15,000 is enough to last you a full playthrough though. After the story you get another $20,000 and that’s more money than you will ever need. So doing this once should suffice.
If you want to repeat the process, make sure you close and reopen the lockbox to make the letter respawn. Then aim at the gold again, save the game manually, quit out to title screen, continue, ride back to lockbox and pick up 30 gold bars again.
Captured on PS4 Pro with Patch 1.02.…
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Video Rating: 6/10!